Rescue tokens from sweeper bot compromised wallet

If your wallet was hacked or you give your seed / private key to hacker and he siphoned tokens from it and then set sweeper bot which withdraws any deposits in base coin for fees (ETH) instantly – you are in the right place.

A sweeper is some code that monitors the blockchain to programmatically sign specific transactions to a set of rules. A sweeper can be used to take advantage of anything that happens to the address in the future. It is blind to you viewing your address on a block explorer or “connecting” it to a dapp’s UI. It only sees your activity once you have signed and broadcasted a transaction.

I can help you rescue the tokens. Often hacker just withdraws token that are only on wallet, but not tokens that are staked or airdropped after wallet was compromised.

You need to take action as soon as possible, before hacker will notice new airdropped tokens or that you have staking tokens.

To begin rescue process just fill this form.

You can find many posts on Reddit or other sites, where people ask for help to rescue tokens trapped in compromised wallet with sweeper bot setup on it:

Hello. I have a wallet with 80,000 dollars of tokens locked in it. A sweeper script takes every coin you send that can be used on a network not just Ethereum but MATIC bitcoin smart chain and BNB. It’s a multicoin trust wallet. Is there a possibility if I put a sweeper script will it take over or once there is one in place it will take over?

I was a fool and shared my private key unknowingly. I was hacked by a bot called Sweeper script. All the bnbs and cakes in my wallet were stolen. I tried to transfer faster than the bot, but the bot beat me. I currently have staked coins linked to my wallet in daomaker. The bot could not steal the staked coins in Dao, but if I transfer them to my wallet, it will. I don’t want to give them to the bot. Please help me.

Please beware when connecting metamask to websites. You are giving the sites total access and control over your funds. My account was connected to a site which was a scam and now it is on a sweeper bot which has since taken all my 145k HEX as it ended the stake early! Not to mention all the other coins it’s taken.


  1. Someone put a sweeper bot on my compromised account and I have staked funds trapped now. How do I get them out?

  2. hi can i have ur telegram id so we can discuss. i have a similar issues. my wallet is being sweeped by this bot. please help. Thankyou

  3. A bot accessed one of my eth addresses and is sweeping all funds from it. I don’t know how the bot got my private key and I would like to remove that bot if possible

    1. Hello,
      My wallet has been scammed. There is a sweeper bot and also a range of smart contracts. I saw this on sbc finance and it should be revoke before making a transfer.
      When you put eth it disappeared immediately and I would like to recover my 175k$ before it moves. I think the scammers use it for people to pay gas fee there are lot of transactions.

  4. Is there anyone that could point me through how i can use sweeper on my compromise wallet to rescue my tokens?

  5. Please it would be a great honor if someone can help. I have a little understanding on coding but if someone can put me through using a bot on my wallet to remove my stake on it. Thanks or anything that could help me secure my funds.

  6. Hey. Have you rescued your funds?. Have you found any whitehat or blockchain expert to deal with this? I’m also looking for one. Can you share some info here? Thanks!

  7. I found this info on some cached site:

    “If your private key is stolen, the perpetrator will usually arrange a “scavenger” program to monitor your account, and then wait for the opportunity to eat the assets in your account-whether you deposit ETH or other tokens in this account, I still received the airdrop, or there is any similar situation.”

  8. Some useful quotes on topic:

    “Does it work on any public address?
    No, A hacker can set a sweeper bot only if the hacker has access to the wallet seed phrase or private key. A Hacker can set a sweeper bot in all the addresses your private key or seed phrase contains.”

    And this one explaining what not to do if bot is attached to your private key:

    “Imagine a situation where your wallet was hacked, a sweeper was added, but the hacker didn’t notice your staked, farming, or liquidity positions, leave the funds there for some time. Don’t make any transaction on the address, especially unlocking assets.”

  9. Hello! Is there any way to rescue tokens from my compromised wallet that will soon be airdropped? Hacker set up sweeper bot that steals all airdrops, and I have many airdrops coming in future, at least for $90k… Help me please!

  10. I am in very bad position with two wallets hacked by trojan and now sweeper depleting all my airdrop tokens. Already lost about 5k USDT. I submitted your form, please respond asap!!!

  11. Thank you very much indeed for your help in solving my bot issue. Surprisingly low price for such a service. Success and prosperity!!!

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